Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc. Monday

Just a few miscellaneous thoughts that have been plaguing me for the majority of the day.

1. I leave for Myrtle Beach a mere 0NE WEEK from today!! WooHooooo!
{Vicky Gunvalson style}

P.S. Her book is next on my reading list!
I'm sure it's full of wonderful pearls of wisdom & maybe even a few tips on appropriate WooHoo times. I need work on mine.

2. 9 bridesmaids is too many... It looks completely ridiculous when your bridesmaids have to stand in 2 rows to fit up there with you. Get a grip & downsize.

3. Sweet mother of all things holy...
Do NOT text me unless you can differentiate.
The boo's little bro gets it... Why can't anyone else?!

I happen to be the spelling/grammar nazi & I'm sure once he noticed his mistake he began fearing for his life & felt the need to correct it immediately, preventing further reprocussions.
SpellCheck yourself before you wreck yourself, y'all.

4. Happy 25th Birthday to Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen!

5. Denim jackets are BACK & I am loving it!
Per Pippa, I'll be busting mine out ASAP.

6. Ya know that saying "Don't make someone a priority, if you're only an option"?
Well, it's ringin' pretty true today & it's making me kind of sad for some reason. It's not like I should be surprised but my little naive heart is hurting. I guess it's because, like the saying says, I've made someone a priority with the faith & trust that I'm not an option. But time & time again, I'm proven wrong.
Oh well, on to bigger & better things!

7. I've never been an incredibly religious person... I am still finding my way & trying to figure out exactly what I believe. But I found this bible verse & have been clinging to it {for quite some time, actually} like it's my job.
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!"
Isaiah 43:18-19.

I just love the message in this verse... It never gets old.

8. I have a blonde appointment Wednesday & I am so excited I can't stand it. Despite the insane upkeep, I love being a blonde.
{That's right, I'm not a natural blonde. Shocker, I know!}

& finally....



  1. Agree with #3! I love Vicki, I'm so sad they got divorced. Don seems like such a great guy :*(

  2. beautiful picture ! Relaxing In A Godly Peace Of Mind In A Joyful Simple Moment