Monday, June 13, 2011

Misc. Monday

Just a few miscellaneous thoughts that have been plaguing me for the majority of the day.

1. I leave for Myrtle Beach a mere 0NE WEEK from today!! WooHooooo!
{Vicky Gunvalson style}

P.S. Her book is next on my reading list!
I'm sure it's full of wonderful pearls of wisdom & maybe even a few tips on appropriate WooHoo times. I need work on mine.

2. 9 bridesmaids is too many... It looks completely ridiculous when your bridesmaids have to stand in 2 rows to fit up there with you. Get a grip & downsize.

3. Sweet mother of all things holy...
Do NOT text me unless you can differentiate.
The boo's little bro gets it... Why can't anyone else?!

I happen to be the spelling/grammar nazi & I'm sure once he noticed his mistake he began fearing for his life & felt the need to correct it immediately, preventing further reprocussions.
SpellCheck yourself before you wreck yourself, y'all.

4. Happy 25th Birthday to Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen!

5. Denim jackets are BACK & I am loving it!
Per Pippa, I'll be busting mine out ASAP.

6. Ya know that saying "Don't make someone a priority, if you're only an option"?
Well, it's ringin' pretty true today & it's making me kind of sad for some reason. It's not like I should be surprised but my little naive heart is hurting. I guess it's because, like the saying says, I've made someone a priority with the faith & trust that I'm not an option. But time & time again, I'm proven wrong.
Oh well, on to bigger & better things!

7. I've never been an incredibly religious person... I am still finding my way & trying to figure out exactly what I believe. But I found this bible verse & have been clinging to it {for quite some time, actually} like it's my job.
"Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!"
Isaiah 43:18-19.

I just love the message in this verse... It never gets old.

8. I have a blonde appointment Wednesday & I am so excited I can't stand it. Despite the insane upkeep, I love being a blonde.
{That's right, I'm not a natural blonde. Shocker, I know!}

& finally....


Friday, June 10, 2011

The Freaks Come Out at Night - Pt. 2

Remember how I promised a Freaks Part 2 post? Well, I'm hoping it was worth the wait because heeere it is!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please see this post for background!

Alright... There's this guy, who we'll refer to as John {because similar to my last 'freaks' post that is not his name & merely popped in my head for no reason} who has an unlimited package at the tanning bed, wherein he can come as often as he wants for 30 days & pay a pittance compared to buying single visits each time he wants to tan. Needless to say, he comes every. single. day. Not kidding.
It irritates my boss because {I think} she feels she's losing money... In a roundabout way, but losing money nonetheless. Come on though, if she doesn't want people coming an unlimited amount of times in 30 days, she shouldn't offer an unlimited package. Hello, captain obvious.

Anyway! He comes in every day, right before we close, & asks for the hottest bulbs. Which really, if you're coming every day, hot bulbs or not really doesn't matter. You're gunna be tan. Did I mention both his arms are covered in sleeves of tattoos? Again, hot bulbs or not, daily tanning or not, you can't even see the true color of his arms thanks to the tats. But whatever, to each his own I suppose.

I don't particularly care for this guy... He wants special treatment but is incredibly rude when asking for it. My boss told me that he came in once, leaned over the counter to get closer to her face, &... Wait for it... BURPED right in her face!!


Who does that?



Also an interesting tidbit... He & another customer, who we can call Debra, make out on the reg in the parking lot............ I'm sorry, what?

I mean, I know our parking lot has great ambiance, what with the vast blacktop, empty spaces, & dramatic lighting, but come ON. Really?? Do you honestly have nowhere else in which you can partake in those activities?

So he came in Monday night & I was in the back switching towels from the washer to the dryer & I didn't hear the doorbell. Jan says that it rings in the back, but with the washer/drying going & all the fans on, I can hardly ever hear it. I come out of the laundry room & see him peering impatiently into the hallway... I realize I didn't hear the bell & he's up there waiting so I quicken my pace to get back up front. I guess he expected me to break into a full-on run because when I got up there he was all huffy & ticked. He greeted me as follows:
"I want 20 minutes in some good, hot bulbs."

He doesn't bother giving me his name at this point because of course, I've committed it to memory thanks to his high maintenance issues, gaseous antics, parking lot PDA, & unique appearance. &, not to mention, he happened to jump up my you-know-what the last time I asked for it. I guess he thinks he's the only person that comes into the tanning bed during my shifts & can't understand why I didn't remember his name. Very logical, right? Right.

{Insert sarcasm}

I respond sweetly, of course, "Ok, you're all set in 25."
"Are those hot bulbs? I want hot bulbs."

No dude, they're not. You just asked me for hot bulbs, so of course, I'm not giving them to you.


Just go in there & get out of my face before you get the urge to belch.

So he saunters to his designated tanning bed & I resume my closing/cleaning duties. Shortly after, Debra, yes THE Debra, mentioned above, walks in & asks which bed he is in, {she saw his car when she pulled in & I guess wanted to let him know she was available for another make out sesh. Ick.} I tell her, set her in her own bed, & she mosies along to begin her 20 minutes of tanning in bed 26... She makes a pit stop at John's door, knocks & lets him know which bed she's in.

Let me just pause for a moment... I didn't realize until it was too late that she was THE Debra from the parking lot. I thought she was just a friend but then my little blonde noggin put two & two together. Yep, this little blonde noggin just put the PDA offenders side by side. Good one. Not that what happened next could have been avoided, most likely, but I partially blame myself.

& let me just explain the tanning bed's layout a little bit, so you can understand my emotions during the events that follow. The desk is at the front {obviously} & there are two long hallways on either side of the desk. The hallway on the right starts with bed 1 & goes through 21. The hallway on the left starts with 22 & goes through 37. {I know, she has a boatload of tanning beds.} Anyway, the way the left hallway is laid out, 25 & 26 are pretty close to the front. Bear that in mind as I wrap this story up.

So John's tanning sesh ends, he comes out & I'm pumped because I am so ready to bid this guy adieu & send him on his merry way. Turns out I wasn't going to get my wish.

Instead of coming up front, tossing his towel in the basket, & walking out the door, he gives a single loud knock on THE Debra's door & waltzes right on in.
Pause for reaction.

Now let me just say, being a born & raised Lexentonian {not sure if that's a word, but you get my drift,} & also being raised by an overprotective mother, it's not difficult to shock the hell out of me. I've seen quite a few odd things but they usually shake me to my core & I can't believe they've happened. Which is exactly what this moment did.
Not only was I shocked that he walked right into her little room while she was tanning, but I was also shocked that she didn't even lock her door! Like she was expecting it! WHAT?!

& here I am, up front folding towels trying to pretend I didn't just see that.
THE Debra still had about 6 or 7 minutes of tanning time left & he stayed in there that entire time, PLUS about 10 more minutes after her bed shut off! & I can hear everything that goes on in that room because it's so close to the front, & lemme tell ya, they weren't talking.

Meanwhile, I'm still up front in a full blown panic. Remember, it's not hard to shock me. I think my thoughts were going a little something like this:
"What do I do? Where do I stand? Keep folding towels? Run to the back? What if they find out I've gone to the back & it just gets worse? What if they stay in here until after we're closed & I'm ready to go & I have to go intervene? I want to puke... What do I do? I'll just keep folding these towels... I want to puke. WHAT DO I DO????"
Remember how in Part 1 I told you I tend to think the worst when given the time to do so? Well, I had ample time to stand there & continue to panic.
I texted my friend & told her what was happening & she asked me if that was allowed.

Is that allowed?! I don't know!! It's never happened before!!

Anyway, long story longer, the two lovebirds eventually left & I didn't dare peak out into the parking lot to see if the lovefest continued. I seriously hesitated to clean that bed because I didn't want to go anywhere near it but I felt the need to protect whomever was put in it the next day.

But is that not just completely & totally weird?!

Blows my mind. Please tell me I'm not alone & completely unjustified in my shock?!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keller Creative Giveaway! :)

Kim over at Keller Creative is having a giveaway in honor of her hubby's bday that was just yesterday! Puh-Leeease check out this adorbs tote!

How perfect for my summer on the beach?!
I think I need it! :)
I've really enjoyed reading Kim's blog... She has the greatest taste & tips in home decor! I love seeing & reading about her latest projects. It's a great place to go for decorating inspiration!

& yes, I'm fully aware I promised a Freaks Part 2 post.. Meant to do it yesterday, but time got away from me! Getting on it later today!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Freaks Come Out at Night - Pt. 1

I'm temping full time for the next couple weeks {until I go to Myrtle Beeeach!!} & still holding down my job at the tanning bed at night & on the weekends. A little tiresome at times, but I would always prefer to work too much than not at all. So Monday, after I left my office job at 5, I went right on over to the tanning bed to start my shift there. & lemme tell ya, the stars must have been alligned or the moon was full or somethin' because the weirdest things were goin' down. Ok, maybe not weird, especially for the people doing these things, but just out of the norm & pretty entertaining for yours truly.

In a way I've loved working at the tanning bed... Let's be honest, it's cake & the people can be pretty amusing at times. Not to mention by boss can be a little bit of a nut job which always adds a little excitement to the day. But it really is amazing what people do in tanning beds... I guess they think that because they've done it in their private little room it's anonymous? I won't go into super specific details here, but let me just say... It can be pretty disturbing. & let me also say, it's never anonymous. We know who you nasty freaks are!

The first incident of the night began with a young lady who we'll call Victoria.. Because, yes, that name totally popped into my head for no reason whatsoever ;)
Let me give you a little background on this chick; she doesn't come in super often, but she's so frickin' annoying I can't help but remember her. She's kind of a ding dong & asks me stupid questions every time she comes in. I know, there is no such thing as a stupid question. Sorry, I disagree. There are definitely stupid questions. So she asks whatever it is that's got her in a tizz that day & never believes my answer.
I ask you... WHAT is the point of even asking if you don't trust that my answer is going to be right?! & to top it off, she's rude. Just flat out rude & it drives me nuts.

Anyway, she pulls up in the parking lot last night & my first instinct was to run. Then I realized I was the only one there & I couldn't.
Turns out Victoria was with a friend, whom she was allowing to drive her car. I didn't think anything about it until they both walked in & approached the counter.... I'm telling you, & this is kind of sad really, but Victoria was so high/messed up on something she all but fell asleep standing there waiting for me to ring up her visit & set her bed. I'm no expert on drugs & what not, but this was not your run of the mill tired/under the weather/just out of it situation. She could hardly even speak without sounding like she had a dozen marbles in her mouth, she was doing that weird one-eye-closed-at-a-time-so-they-each-can-have-a-rest-without-actually-falling-asleep-thing & she was practically laying on the counter... Naturally, she was paying with all one dollar bills & exact change. I'm telling you, it took 10 minutes for her to accomplish that task. Meanwhile, her 'friend' is standing there watching all of this with me, but without her jaw on the floor like mine was. Like it was no big deal! Thankfully we got through the paying-situation without any casualties, but when she headed for her bed she barely made it.

Maybe I'm weird but I'm curious... Why is tanning the cool thing to do while you're hopped up {or in her case, hopped down} on drugs? Just a thought.

Once she got back there & I got her friend set up in her own bed I texted a friend of mine to let her know what had just happened because it truly blew my mind how scuttered she was. My friend brought up a good point...
& I quote: "I'm betting money that she passes out in that bed."
Oh hells bells.
The 20 minutes that followed I was a nervous wreck thinking
"oh sweet lord I'm going to have to bust down one of Jan's doors to get this sloppy hooker out of here"
{I tend to think the worst when given the time to do so.}

Anywho, she came out of the bed on her own & sat on a bench waiting for her friend. She dropped her phone about 18 times trying to plug her headphones into it, but other than that she seemed to be a little better off. Which I thought was odd, but she also could have seemed that way to me because I didn't interact with her as much once she was out.

Moral of the story--- Crack is WACK!
{Not that I know what exactly she was on, but the rhyme came to mind nonetheless.}

I have a part 2 coming later today & it is eeeeeven stranger!

Monday, June 6, 2011

She's Leavin'... On a Midnight Train to Georgia

Ok, so not at all. But I've had that wonderous melody stuck in my head ever since I made a liiiittle decision!
{& yes, being raised a Motown child from day 1 in the womb, I know the lyrics actually say "He's leavin" but that would have been even less applicable.}
I leave for Myrtle Beach a mere 2 weeks from today!!!!!!!!!

This is not your typical summer vacay.. I'm going to be in MB for about 6-ish weeks! A friend of mine that I used to work with moved out there around the beginning of the year to be the General Manager of a restaurant & bar called The Patio. She always told me she had plenty of room if I ever wanted to come visit & when she offered me a job bartending for the summer I took it! Don't get me wrong, it took a little thinking & weighing of options, but when it came down to it all I could think was "summer in Lex, or summer on the beach?" Hmmmm... Tough one. NOT!

Bo {the boo} did something similar last summer when he went to Vegas for about 2 months during the World Series of Poker... He said it was like a paid vacation & a great experience. So I thought, hey, why not?!

Got my paperwork last week & I am getting more & more excited with each day that passes!

Not gunna lie though, my anxiety also increases with each day that passes. I am stepping so far out of my comfort zone in doing this it's just ridiculous. I'm proud of myself, but I can't help but be mildly terrified. Why you ask? Here's why:

1. I'm a control freak with a capital CF.
{Funny how CF stands for something else I tend to be on a regular basis}
Controlling just about everything around me keeps my little anxious heart at peace, but this is one of those things I can't control. I don't know how it will go. It might be the greatest thing I've ever done, but who knows, there is always a risk that it could be the dumbest thing I've ever done.

2. I get so stupidly homesick.
I swear I'm a 5 year old trapped in a 23 year old's body. Without fail, every vacation I've ever been on, I spend the first couple nights crying myself to sleep. Not kidding! It's so lame. & my mom can attest to this because if she's not with me, I call her those first couple nights & cry about how I want to go home. Yes, I'm a loon & I know this. But after that first day or two, I'm fine! But will I be able to be fine when I'm looking at 6 weeks away from home? For my loved ones that will be in Lexington, let's hope so.

3. I'm incredibly immature & hate driving on the interstate.
Again, I'm a loon & I know this. I am slowly, & I mean slooooowly, {think snail without an agenda motivating them to at least try & move more quickly than capable,} getting acclimated with the interstate. Ya know, the do's, dont's, & WTF's. I am fully aware this is stupid. I don't know why, but I just hate driving on the interstate & I really believe it's because I just haven't done it enough. Not to mention, I've never driven more than an hour or so when I have been on the interstate. Maybe I'm nervous about nothing, but I think it might be kind of brutal. I'm not the best person to be around if I'm bored. I think I'll be bored after about hour 1. Just a guess, though. It may be less.

BUT! I really & truly think this is something I have to do. If I am ever hesitant about any decision in my life, I have to ask myself... "Will I regret not doing this?" & believe it or not, my answers to that question when making a decision have lead me to try many things that I really enjoy! Who knows, maybe I'll hate it, but it's only 6 weeks! & I'll get to look at the beach every single day! It couldn't really be that bad, right?! Right :)

So here I am, listing away in preparation for my departure! My momma & step-daddio got me these little babies specifically for my trip!

How cuuuute will these look while traveling?! I love them!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Just In!

I am so excited I can't even contain myself!

Let's start from the beginning shall we?
Evidently this week has been 'casual week' here at work & yours truly only found out about it yesterday {thanks for the memo colleagues.} Naturally, when I got up this morning I was pumped to wear something comfortable... I was dead set on a pair of jeans & was SO dead set on said pair of jeans, I became late whilst looking for them. But everything happens for a reason. Now stay with me... If I had not been looking for those jeans, making myself late & what not, then I would not have been in the car to hear this glorious news on the radio!

My long-time loves Justin Timberlake & Ashley Olsen are rumored to be dating!

Of course neither camp has confirmed the rumors & JTimb's rep simply stated that they were not involved in any sort of relationship that is not platonic.

According to Perez Hilton, {who, like it or not, always reports stories that are true!} the two have been gallavanting all around NYC. Specifically, the Greenwich Hotel, a Saturday Night Live after party, two Broadway shows & a polo match outside the city!!!!

Why do I care, you may ask? Well, let me explain... Justin Timberlake, Ashley Olsen, & I go waaayyy back.

Justin Timberlake was my very first celbrity crush. Remember those random concerts they used to show on the Disney channel? They always had those up & coming groups & artists before they got huge? {& really, if you think about it, part of the reason half those groups & artists became huge was probably because of those little concerts.} Well, N*SYNC was featured one night & probably about 5 seconds into their first song, I was hooked. I mean GLUED to the tv. I was completely hypnotized. Those boys could move! & the songs were incredibly catchy, {please bear in mind I was about 8 or 9.}

There he was... In those ridiculous baby blue parachute pants with bleach blonde curls so covered in gel they weren't movin' for weeks.

From then on out I was completely in love. My committment never wavering. Nope, not even for those lame ass Backstreet Boys.

Meanwhile, Mary Kate & Ashley were bursting on the scene {& by scene I mean mine & my friend's living rooms in those ridiculously adorable movies they used to make.}
Anybody remember this one?

Unfortunately for everyone in our house this was on constant repeat. My sister & I watching their every move, taking dilligent notes on their outfits & miscellaneous belongings. Luckily I never gave copying their bangs a whirl... That would have been bad news for everyone.

As I got older the Olsen Twins appeared to be the only child stars to actually keep their shiz together as they grew up. MK had that unfortunate bout with anorexia, but seems to have made a positive recovery. & as far as I know, has only made a single trip to rehab. If you ask me, one trip to rehab between two people isn't bad! Especially considering the fact that most child stars are in & out on a bi-monthly basis. Ashley in particular has maintained a timeless style that I never get tired of looking at! I think I take her picture with me every time I go for a blonde appointment, as well. & let me just go ahead & get this out of the way... I know she can dress pretty frumpily at times, but hey... Don't we all?

Anywho, I am beyond excited about this rumor & sincerely hope it is true!
B-E-A-uuutiful babes would come out of this union. Just sayin'!

& let's just say, for some crazy reason, this rumor is not true?
Let it be known that I'm bankin' on a Britney comeback {sans busted weave & white trash antics} & a JTimbs/BritBrit Mickey Mouse Club-esque reunion. Of the romantic variety.

Happy Thursday! One day away from FRiDAY! :)


Friday, May 27, 2011

Planning = Success Vol. 2!

In lieu of my absence I have opted to post about some recent purchases that I am L0ViNG!
As many of you may know already from reading previous posts from me {in particular, this post} I am a little bit of a planning freak. I take planning very seriously, thus I am insanely picky about choosing planners each year. I have been searching for 'the one' since last December. {& yes, I am fully aware that it is nearly June, hence my eternally-panicky state.} If you've read the post I mentioned above you will see that around that time, I was pretty confident about a selection. Well, it has failed me. I love all things Lilly P. & am ashamed my planner & I couldn't work things out. I take full blame for the falling out... I waited too long & the Lilly Pullitzer site was sold out of the one I wanted come January 2011. I checked Amazon & a million other Lilly carriers & they were all sold out as well. I finally found it on Ebay & ordered it with such haste, I didn't even notice it was the teeny tiny version of the one I had been lusting over. & whaddya know, the seller didn't take returns. Plain & simple, it was just too small. I keep my life between the pages of my planner & the itty bitty size was hindering organization. We can't have that now can we?

Which brings me to the present tense... I am pleased to announce I have found THE planner to end all planners!

This planner has saved ma life! Let's take a peak inside shall we?

Please note the handy pocket on the left! Perfect for those items you need to reach quickly!

A monthly view, for quick at-a-glance planning needs.

& an incredibly useful zipper-pocket in the back for miscellaneous items!

It may not seem like a big deal, but lemme tell ya... This planner has been keeping me straight for about two weeks now! & for those of you wondering, I got it at Target! It was just plain black when I bought it, but that was too boring so I had to flair it up just a little with a vinyl letter!

& speaking of Target... Last Friday, because it was Friday {& payday,} I spent my lunch hour there! I just went to browse & promised myself I would use restraint... I'm sure you can all guess how that went.Oops.
But I needed them! ;)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!